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About Me


Ok id like to straighten this out with everybody now.  At some point or another one of my "friends" got my password on sega and thought they'd do me a favor by making me seem older adding in such things as "im married" and " i have kids".
just to let you know im under 18 and "I'm not married and am thankfully without kids, lol. it became aparent to me this had heppened when my friend and I where talking about our favorite internet chat spots and he said "hey so what do the people at on the sega forums think now that you are married and have kids, needless to say i quickly ended that conversation and went home and checked my posts.  shure enough this happened earlier this year, so long story short Im still the same person except not married and i do not have kids.
-edit- I see he also labeled me as a construction worker. yes it is my dream job but not quite there yet.

Ok so you wanted to know more about me.  my first name is John-Michael but I'd prefer u call me by my other alias JPIZZAJ.  I live on the east coast of florida and enjoy alot of different hobbies including music, modding, building, engineering and designing, and oh of course, video games!  I play trombone, if any of you even care, and have a small (interesting gruop of friends). We're not outcasts we just dont particularly like the way the average kid is today, rap, lowriding, whereing shoes that could be used as personal floatational devices, you know.  No we prefer to stay individuals from these drones.  i guess the reason i like a small gruop of friends is so we watch out for each other, sortof at least,  that is when we arent tricking and pulling practical jokes on each other.  Now of course being as (strange) as I am people naturally like to pick on me, little things of course, but after it being that way since kindergarten heck im used to it, it's easy to shrug off a punch or an insult, thats because if the person who created the joke is that pathetic here in public, you can but wonder what their at home life is like.  I love when people tell me that I'm so dum my family must be a loony house, I figure it this way, who cares? At least my family is still together, no divorces, drug, or drinking problems, I mean heck, I've got it good compared to them.  I must admit though i have this problem of talking alot, and uh, well i fidget alot too.  My teachers stop me countless times in class telling me to stop breaking pencils and talking to myself, yes I do that too. 
      One thing i wish people would stop calling me is frogboy.  All my life my favorite animal has been the frog and I study them so much I have done countless experiments on frogs in the past, whenever a tescher or student found a frog at my school they'd call the front office who'd call my teacher to take me out of class to go tell them what it was, what it ate, I'ts living conditions, and if it was poisonous. then there was Benny, my pet bullfrog i had about 4 years ago, i had raised her from a tadpole nameing her benny untill she turned into a frog and i looked at the eardrum to realize Benny was a she.  so then 2 years ago she escaped her chicken coup like cage and went to the retension ponds on the side of the neighborhood, I remember being so upset, boy am I strange. 
       when it comes to music i pretty much like a bit of any genre, except rap, thats all crap!  What i like the most is orchestral band music like movie thems and soundtracks, right now on my desk i have about 12 movie soundtracks, just here on my desk. To me that's the best part of the movie, the soundtrack, without sountracks that are exciting movies like the matrix and star wars would be like, well a fight in the school halways, pointless seeming and not very exciting to witness.  But with a powerful emotional soundtrack the movie/ game is not worth seeing it has no catching aspects.  in fact the next time you go to the movies look at the previews, what draws you them most, a catchy theme right?  some of my sountracks are to the following movies/games
myst 2 riven
myst 3 exile (supreme!)
matrix revolutions (supreme!)
kingdom hearts (very powerfull and emotional)



(I'll add more later)


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